TopHockey is the #1 organization for player development in Sweden, helping players reach their highest level of performance:

+40 Nationalteam players from TopHockey development system

+15 Players in NCAA, SHL, KHL & NHL


Private and semiprivate training and coaching:

On Ice Skills development (42 identified areas) 

Off Ice Skills development (no ice needed)

Individual Game Video analysis

Guidance in all aspects of a hockey player


Strength, conditioning and athleticism:

Testing Individual Programs

Continuous Feedback


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Why our customers succeed


Why our customers succed

We provide attention to details:

We work with the best experts to help our athletes succeed

Always looking for ways to improve

Use knowledge from all sports

For the most serious

For the most serious

We strive for excellence in all fields:

  • Nutrition – individual plans
  • Mineral- & food sensitivity vs./and food alergys testing
  • Mental development – leading athletes all have psychology coaches
  • Daily measurements of biowaves
  • Vo2 Max / conditioning benchmarking
  • Hormon profiling
  • Personalized equipment – sticks, skates, blades
  • Daily game clip analysis – video stored on cloud

Individual development within the team

We started out looking at other sports and found disparity between the the team athlete and the individual athlete.

The athletes of individual sports paid  more attention to details and always looked for ways of improving in all aspects of their lives to reach their highest potential. For example running 1/100 of a second faster, jumping higher or being mentally more prepared.

Our mission is to assist every individual in understanding what he or she needs to do in reaching his/her maximum potential.

What are your goals? Contact us so we can help YOU SUCCEED!


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Indivual development within the team

We are everywhere

Our customers are players (2007´s – Professional hockey players), at all levels, in Europe, USA & Canada. Using modern technology we can assist You wherever You are.
”A good player plays where the puck is.
A great player plays where the puck is going to be.”
Wayne Gretzky
We are everywhere
Dick Westlund, far till Wilhelm Westlund DIF Hockey
Dick Westlund, far till Wilhelm Westlund DIF Hockey